Chevrolet Camaro Bad Suspension

Defective Chevrolet Suspension

We won a case against General Motors LLC (“GM”) for a Chevrolet Camaro with a bad suspension. This is the story…

Facts of the Case

The client would hear a “squeak” noise when the car hit a bump in the road. One day, he drove over railroad tracks and heard a bad “clunk” sound. After that, he saw that there were two holes in the truck caused by the shocks cutting through the truck floor. In spite of this, GM would not buy back the car.

Hearing with the Board

The Florida New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board (the “Board”) hears lemon law arbitration cases. The Board has three members. To win, at least two of the three (the majority) must agree.

Here, the majority of the Board found against Chevrolet. It found that the repair attempts were unreasonable in number or days. It also found that the defective Chevrolet suspension was severe enough to qualify for relief. To qualify, the motor vehicle must have a “defect or condition that substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of a motor vehicle.” Accordingly, the Board awarded a refund. In addition, it ordered Chevrolet to buy back the motor vehicle.

Findings of the Board

Do you have a bad motor vehicle? Did you buy or lease in the past two years? Florida lemon law may be the solution. If your claim is good, the manufacturer will buy back your motor vehicle. In addition, you may receive a refund.  In contingency cases, attorney’s fees and costs are paid from the manufacturer’s refund. Not every motor vehicle will qualify, however. In addition, not every defect is covered. It is important to discuss the facts of your case with a Florida lemon law attorney.

Chevrolet Camaro Bad Suspension

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