Chevrolet Camaro Bad Suspension

Defective Chevrolet Suspension

We won a case against General Motors LLC (“GM”) for a Chevrolet Camaro with a bad suspension.

Facts of the Case

The client would hear a “squeak” noise when the car hit a bump in the road. One day, he drove over railroad tracks and heard a bad “clunk” sound. After that, he saw that there were two holes in the truck caused by the shocks which had gone through the trunk floor. Due to this and the lack of a fix from the dealer, the client let GM know of the issue in writing.

What GM Said

Though it had the right to try a final repair , GM did not ask to see the car. When client filed a case with the state, GM fought it. GM did not want to buy back the car.  At the state hearing, a witness for GM said that the client was to blame. He stated that the client must have had heavy things in the trunk. He also though it could be the type of tires on the car.

What the Board Found

The Board heard both sides and found for the client. It held that the car was less safe, had less value, and was less used due to the issue. The Board made GM buy the car back and pay off the lien to the bank. The Board found that the client should get his money back as well. As part of this, the client got a refund for what he had spent on new rims and speakers for the car.

Chevrolet Camaro Bad Suspension

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