Florida lemon law lawyerDo you have a bad new car or truck? Then a Florida lemon law lawyer may be able to help. But the time to file a claim is short. So, you should act now!

What the Florida Lemon Law Does

People think if they buy or lease a bad new car or truck, they can just return it. We are all used to doing this with the things we buy. But that was not always the case with cars and trucks. Florida lemon law gives you this right. (There is more to it than that, but the basic right comes from this law).

How the Law Helps You

If you win, the state will deem your car or truck a lemon. That means the ones who made your new car or truck will have to take it back. They will have to pay off what you owe and send you a refund.

Why a Lawyer is Good for You

You do not need to hire a lawyer. Just like you do not need to go to a mechanic or body shop. You can do it all on your own. But why would you want to? A lawyer knows the law and will do the work for you. And unlike with a mechanic or body shop, you may only have one shot to get it right. So, it makes sense to get help.

You Need to Start Now!

Right now! It is never too soon to start, but it can be too late. Keep in mind that many laws have deadlines. Hence, you may waive your rights if you wait too long.

Call a Florida Lemon Law Lawyer

Andrew Kleppinger has practiced law since 2003. In 2010, he started his own lemon law firm. If you have a bad new car or truck, he would like to help. Call now!