Are you having problems with your new motor vehicle? Contact a Florida lemon law attorney to discuss the best way to get rid of it. Call the Law Office of Andrew Kleppinger at (305) 985-0589.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Claim?

An attorney can guide you through the process and help protect your legal rights. Manufacturers have legal counsel and so should you. The Law Office of Andrew Kleppinger accepts claims throughout the State of Florida and wants to hear from you no matter where you live.

What Can You Expect to Recover?

The manufacturer may offer a cash settlement. If they do not or it is insufficient, we will try to force the manufacturer to repurchase the bad vehicle and issue a statutory refund. The Law Office of Andrew Kleppinger will recover its costs and attorney’s fees from the refund or settlement you receive from the manufacturer. There are no fees if we are unsuccessful.

Does Florida Lemon Law Apply?

You will need to avoid many issues to make a successful claim. Importantly, lemon law does not cover every problem or motor vehicle. Instead, Florida lemon law covers new and demonstrator motor vehicles that a consumer purchased or leased in the State of Florida within the last 24 months. Florida lemon law has many nuances, however, and the best way to know if your vehicle is eligible is to speak with an attorney.

When is the Right Time to Start a Claim?

Right now! It is never too early to start, but it can be too late. Keep in mind that Florida lemon law has many requirements and deadlines. Consequently, you may waive your legal rights if you delay too long.

Contact a Florida Lemon Law Attorney

The Law Office of Andrew Kleppinger has helped people and businesses with lemon law claims since 2010. If you have a problem with a new motor vehicle, call the Law Office of Andrew Kleppinger at (305) 985-0589.