Florida Lemon Law Attorney

Buying or leasing a new car, truck or recreational vehicle (RV) is a major investment for most people. For that reason, a defective motor vehicle generally creates a major hardship. Fortunately, Florida lemon law protects consumers by requiring manufacturers to repurchase nonconforming motor vehicles. Florida lemon law may provide effective relief where a manufacturer cannot or will not bring a vehicle into conformity with its warranty.

In most cases, a successful Florida lemon law claimant can get out of their vehicle lease or purchase without any out-of-pocket attorney fees or costs. In contingency cases, we apply amounts recovered from the manufacturer toward any costs or attorney’s fees.

Help is Available

The Law Office of Andrew Kleppinger has been assisting new motor vehicle purchasers and lessors with Florida lemon law cases since 2010. If you are having an issue with a new car, truck or recreational vehicle (RV), please call (305) 985-0589 to discuss your situation.